Year 1, Newsletter 1

Dear supporters,

Today, I am thrilled to announce the official launch of the Boston Schools Fund. After nearly a year of preparation, my team and I are ready to take on an ambitious goal in partnership with our city’s educational leaders: adding 7,000 seats to Boston’s high-performing schools by the year 2020.


Parents deserve and are demanding great schools, and in Boston we have a diverse set of high-quality schools that can grow to meet this demand. Through strategic grant-making, Boston Schools Fund will accelerate the growth of these high-performing schools and educational access for all children in Boston. In order to reach the broadest group of schools and students possible, we will provide grants to schools across Boston’s district, charter, and Catholic sectors, which together serve over 95% of Boston’s students. We have three funding priorities:

  • Funding the creation, expansion, and replication of high-performing schools
  • Strengthening the talent pipeline to fuel school growth
  • Increasing resources available to high-performing schools

With a rigorous due diligence process and a focus on results, we will ensure that every dollar is thoughtfully invested and that we hold ourselves accountable for achieving our goal of 7,000 more high-quality seats for Boston’s children.


Our vision is simple and powerful – and it is garnering broad support. Mayor Walsh, Superintendent Chang, the Boston Archdiocese, and Boston charter school leaders have been fully briefed and have offered their support. Local and national funders and non-profits have provided valuable counsel and significant funding as we have developed our vision. We have consulted with numerous elected officials, Boston School Committee members, and community-based leaders, and the response has been enthusiastic. We are working with the urgency and care this important work requires. Our first round of due diligence starts this Wednesday. We look forward to sharing information on our first round of grantees in September and October! Until then, please visit our website ( and follow us on Twitter ( to stay up to date on our work.



Will Austin