Year 1, Newsletter 4: BSF's Final First Year Grantees

Dear Boston Schools Fund community,

Children across Boston have learned a ton this year.

And we have, too.

We have learned from over 30 visits to Boston Public Schools, charter schools, and Catholic schools across the city. We have learned by poring over every bit of data we could find on schools and programs and their performance. We have learned by listening - to students, to families, to teachers, to school leaders, to educators.

I am excited to share that with this round of grants, we will surpass our Year 1 goal: over 1,600 more families will have access to high-performing Boston Public Schools, Boston charter schools, and Boston Catholic schools. We are grateful for your support as we continue this work on behalf of Boston’s families.

See below to learn more about the amazing organizations that have joined the Boston Schools Fund family.

All the best,




Since its opening in 1995, Neighborhood House Charter School has become a Dorchester institution.  One of the best examples of a school integrating rigorous academics with wraparound social services and enrichment activities, Neighborhood House has become a national model for developing a diverse student body’s academic and socio-emotional skills.  NHCS parents first proposed expanding its PK-8 program to high school in 2010, and its ninth grade will open in 2017-2018 following a detailed expansion planning process.

Brooke Charter Schools (BCS) are among the highest performing public schools in all of Massachusetts.  This feat is all the more remarkable given that BCS has sustained and even improved quality while adding thousands of new students at its three K-8 campuses since 2011.  With 100% of BCS parents in support, BCS will open a new high school this coming fall, providing an outstanding college preparatory program that will open its doors to its first class of 9th graders this fall.